1. Contact us by phone or email to discuss the service that suits your firm, pricing, etc.
2. Email: Notice of FDA Action, CBP Form 3461, Bill of Lading or Airway Bill and Commercial Invoice
3. When all the documents are received by Imperial Private Laboratories, sample collection will be arranged.
4. Once the samples arrive at Imperial Private Laboratories the required analysis will be performed on the product.
5. When analysis is completed, the analytical report will be sent electronically to Food and Drug Administration for review and a copy of the results will be provided to the client.
Internal Quality Control Pesticide Residue Analysis:
Please contact Imperial Private Laboratories to obtain detailed information regarding procedures for internal quality control services.
Products Under Import Alert By Food and Drug Administration:
Please refer to following links for list of Exporters (Growers) that are under Import Alert by Food and Drug Administration for Pesticide Residue Violations:

Import Alert 99-14: "Countrywide Detention Without Physical Examination Of Raw Agricultural Products for Pesticides"
Import Alert 99-05: "Detention Without Physical Examination Of Raw Agricultural Products for Pesticides"

If your imported product is detained for Pesticide Residue Analysis, please contact us immediately in order to expedite the procedure. The following is a summary of actions to be taken in order to comply with Food and Drug Administration when your product is detained: